Bucktails of Beaver Township Scholarship

This scholarship was established to enhance educational opportunities for graduates of Keystone High School. The Scholarship Committee will give preference to students who are interested in pursuing the following careers/majors: Wildlife Science, Biology, Forestry, Ecology, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Science, and Fisheries Biology. Students will also be required to complete an essay in order to be considered as a recipient of this scholarship.

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David W. Humphrey Memorial Scholarship

The David W. Humphrey Memorial Scholarship is a scholarship that was established to honor the memory of David W. Humphrey by providing a scholarship to a graduate of Clarion Area High School who is well motivated, pursuing education in the fields of: youth work, guidance, career counseling, sociology, psychology, teaching or medical field.



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Gwendolyn Smith Scholarship

The Gwendolyn Smith Scholarship will be awarded to graduating high school seniors of Redbank Valley High School.

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Kami Dinger Memorial Scholarship

The Kami Dinger Memorial Scholarship Fund was created to honor the life and impact that Kami Dinger had in her community and the people that surrounded her. This Fund will be used to prove an annual scholarship to a student who would like to pursue a career in the field of care and well-being of animals. The recipient of the scholarship must be a graduate of either West Forest or North Clarion High School.

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Margery L. Himes Memorial Scholarship and the Helen Lytle, Leslie Himes Memorial Scholarship

These scholarships were established by Margery Himes in memory of her parents, Helen Lytle and Leslie Himes. This generous gift established a scholarship for the benefit of students from Venango, Clarion, Armstrong and Butler Counties.

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Mary E. Shaner Scholarship

Established under the Will of Mary E. Shaner, this scholarship is for graduating seniors at Keystone High School who are planning to attend a college, technical school or trade school. The Scholarship Committee will consider the following when awarding a scholarship:

  • Grade point average
  • Financial need and
  • Occupational plans

Preference is given to students enrolling in Clarion University of Pennsylvania, The Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) and/or Thiel College. This is a performance scholarship. In order to receive the scholarship award, the successful applicant must receive a minimum 2.75 cumulative grade point average on a 4.0 point scale for one semester. The scholarship will not be paid until the college or university the applicant is attending has sent the applicants official transcript for the previously completed semester.

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Michael & Marie Zacherl Outstanding Diesel Technology Senior Award

The Fund has been established by (Zacherl Motor Truck Sales Inc.) or (Donald Kahle, Rose Marie Kahle, Christina Rhoades, Stephen Kahle and Patrick Kahle of (Clarion) or Sligo, PA to honor Michael and Marie Zacherl, founders of Zacherl Motor Truck Sales. The purpose of the Fund shall be:

The following shall be the eligibility criteria for persons being considered for this award:

  • Must be attending Clarion County Career Center
  • Must be matriculated in the Diesel Technology Program
  • Must be nominated by the Director of Diesel Technology as the most outstanding senior
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Redbank Valley School District Foundation

The purpose of the Redbank Valley School District Fund is to support worthy endeavors of the Redbank Valley School district and its students. This agreement creates two specific funds and provides a framework for the creation of additional funds. The initial funds are:

  • General Scholarship Fund
  • Undesignated Fund
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Scotty Bashline Memorial Outdoor Scholarship

This fund was established to highlight those that have valued their hunting experiences and how it has influenced the person they become and the person they strive to continue to be.
The following criteria will be considered when making a selection when awarding the scholarship:

  • Applicants must be a graduate of Keystone High School; and
  • Must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher; and
  • Financial need; and
  • There is to be an essay provided in response to:
    • “How have hunting experiences influenced who you are as a person and who you strive to be?”
    • “Who introduced you to the outdoors and its pastimes?”

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Tut Toth Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship award is for one (1) male and one (1) female graduating senior of Redbank Valley High School who have been enrolled there for at least three (3) years prior to graduating and are former New Bethlehem Little League players. The Scholarship committee will consider participation in the New Bethlehem Little League, leadership, work ethic, commitment, and sportsmanship in athletic programs and extracurricular activities, and the required essay when awarding this scholarship.

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