Local Funds

Adam Weeter Memorial

The Adam Weeter Memorial Scholarship was established by a group of his friends to honor his memory and to provide an annual scholarship to graduates of Keystone Area High School who have expressed interest in attending a college or university in the field of education.

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Clarion Area School District – Bobcat Family of Funds

This Fund is established in cooperation between the Clarion County Community Foundation and the Clarion Area School District in order to receive and disburse monies to benefit students of the Clarion Area School District. There are two specific initial funds, the Bobcat General Scholarship, an endowed fund, and the Bobcat Undesignated Fund, a non-endowed fund with no distribution restrictions. Grant recipients of this fund must be students or organizations that support programs and activities designed to directly benefits students of the Clarion Area School District.

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Clarion Borough Community Parks

Established by Janice Horn The Clarion Borough Community Parks Fund was established by Janice Horn to design, establish, and maintain accessible and walkable parks and playgrounds within the confines of the boundaries of the Borough of Clarion, Pennsylvania. This fund will allow for the development of the social, economic, health, and environmental benefits that come with parks and other recreational areas which are important values for improving and maintaining the quality of life of a community.

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Clarion County 4-H Endowment

The Clarion County 4-H Endowment was established to augment and support the charitable purposes of the programs of the Clarion County 4-H.

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Clarion County Community Foundation Rare Gift Endowment

The mission of the Rare Gift Endowment Fund is to offer donors a ready choice to assist in creating and growing their own new Clarion County Community Foundation endowment to support secular nonprofits in Clarion County.

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Clarion County Community Foundation Unrestricted Endowment

Clarion County Community Foundation Unrestricted Endowment Fund is a fund for charitable purposes in Clarion County, Pennsyl ia. As a discretionary Fund the Community Foundation Board and Foundation Distribution Committee may decide upon the use of this Fund.

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Clarion Free Library Continuation

The Clarion Free Library Continuation Fund was established in 2014 to support the Clarion Free Library and its mission to serve the Clarion area.

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Clarion Shelter Task Force

The Clarion Shelter Task Force fund provides a fund for financial resources that are for the mission of the Clarion Shelter task force.

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Eccles Rimersburg Medical Center

This fund was established following the wishes of Mr. Ralph M. Eccles in his Last Will and Testament. This fund is intended to provide resources to be used for the Rimersburg Medical Center or its successor. The net income of Mr. Eccles trust is to be paid annually to Rimersburg Medical Center. The endowment will be used for:

  • An immunization program for the prevention of mumps, measles, tetanus, and other diseases
  • A blood pressure clinic and glaucoma testing program for adults
  • A program to acquire equipment required by persons disabled by age or illness (wheel chairs, hospital beds, walkers) and loan said equipment to those needing it
  • A program to distribute educational materials in support of programs to control narcotic and drug problems of the inhabitants of the Rimersburg area
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Michael & Marie Zacherl Outstanding Diesel Technology Senior Award

The Fund has been established by (Zacherl Motor Truck Sales Inc.) or (Donald Kahle, Rose Marie Kahle, Christina Rhoades, Stephen Kahle and Patrick Kahle of (Clarion) or Sligo, PA to honor Michael and Marie Zacherl, founders of Zacherl Motor Truck Sales. The purpose of the Fund shall be:

The following shall be the eligibility criteria for persons being considered for this award:

  • Must be attending Clarion County Career Center
  • Must be matriculated in the Diesel Technology Program
  • Must be nominated by the Director of Diesel Technology as the most outstanding senior
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Redbank Valley School District Foundation

The purpose of the Redbank Valley School District Fund is to support worthy endeavors of the Redbank Valley School district and its students. This agreement creates two specific funds and provides a framework for the creation of additional funds. The initial funds are:

  • General Scholarship Fund
  • Undesignated Fund
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Sally and Michael Vereb Charitable Fund

The Sally and Michael Vereb Charitable Fund was established to enhance elementary and secondary students in the enjoyment of the arts for school districts based in Clarion County. This Fund supports internal and external activities related to the arts, which include but are not limited to exhibits, art programs, art workshops, summer camps, and the purchase or rental of instruments.

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Tri-County Animal Rescue Center Legacy

The Tri-County Animal Rescue Center Legacy Fund was established to assist the Tri-County Animal Rescue Center in its mission:

Tri-County Animal Rescue Center rescues needy cats and dogs and provides them with the quality care they deserve until we can place them in forever homes where they will be treated as part of the family. We are committed to preventing cruelty to animals and to helping reduce pet overpopulation by providing access to low-cost spay/neuter programs, trap-neuter-return programs, and education for the general public

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